Mr. Crowd Control


​​​DJ Emanon​​​

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Crowd Control is the art of influencing the movement or actions of a large crowd, united by a common cause, with the sound of music.

Crowd Control Entertainment

Crowd Control Entertainment is an umbrella for many ventures.

Crowd Control Graphix, Crowd Control DJs, Crowd Control Gear and the newly formed Crowd Control Models. All entities were created to not only further enhance the Crowd Control Brand, but to provide a memorable customer experience.


Follow the movement.

Born and raised in Suffolk, Virginia, people who know DJ Emanon have always known him to be fun, energetic and the life of any party. DJ Emanon has earned a reputation as being one of the most entertaining and marketable DJs in Virginia...hence the title "Mr. Crowd Control”.
With his passion to never stop improving DJ Emanons' memorable personality, ambition and dedication, is the perfect recipe for success. When asked about the future, DJ Emanon informs anyone that DJing is just the beginning, he is  determined to make Crowd Control a household name....