My Short Biography

Not Just a DJ

DJ Emanon

​Mr. Crowd Control

Fast forward to 2020, DJ Emanons' brand, Crowd Control Entertainment, has become an umbrella for many successful ventures. Crowd Control Graphix, Crowd Control DJs, Crowd Control Gear and Crowd Control Models were created to not only further enhance the Crowd Control Brand, but to provide a memorable customer experience.

With his passion to never stop learning, DJ Emanons' memorable personality, dedication to his craft and ambition is the perfect recipe for success. So, what's next? DJ Emanon informs anyone, that he will continue the expansion of the DJ Emanon and Crowd Control brands across the globe.

1986...The dye is cast. Lamone Taylor is born and raised in Suffolk, Virginia.

Based in Washington D.C., DJ Emanon, initially made a name for himself by making mixtapes and providing audio for local venues and nightclubs. His extensive knowledge of seasoned and new school music, made him one of the most sought after DJs in southeast Virginia.

Throughout his 8 year career, DJ Emanon has had the opportunity to work with multiple upcoming artists, DJ for national recording artists, appear as a guest DJ on various radio stations and DJ at venues across the nation. Businesses and Corporations, such as TGI Fridays, have become permanent staples in DJ Emanon's monthly lineup.

With his developing resume and ability to creatively perform for any crowd, DJ Emanon has earned a reputation as being one of the most entertaining and marketable DJs around...hence the title "Mr. Crowd Control”.